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Our company Olivkovy Dvor Ltd has been importing and exporting food and technical vegetable oils and their derivatives since 2007.

We are located in Saint Petersburg - the most beautiful city of Russia. The sea port of Saint Petersburg is one of the largest in our country. Our city is a huge portal that opens Russia to the whole world. St.Petersburg is a major transport hub and the center of domestic and foreign trade of our country.

Our company is interested in developing business contacts with producers of high-quality raw materials all over the world. We have foreign trade experience. Our team is a professional one. We have partnerships with manufacturers from Europe, China and India.

Our partners in Russia are large, medium and small producers of food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and industrial chemicals.

We are open to import / export offers of various products. First of all we are interested in:

  • Edible vegetable oils
  • Technical natural and synthetic oils
  • Raw materials for cosmetics
  • Raw materials for the paint industry
  • Raw materials for the production of pharmaceutical products
  • Industrial chemicals

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